The theoretical and scientific discourse on the subject of fashion was a decisive factor in the Unit F büro für mode since their first project. The goal: to increase awareness of fashion's cultural merits - beyond decorative prettification - as well as to lend international visibility to the potential and dynamics of the fashion design scene. To date, this discourse took place in small, mostly university circles. Now for the second time after the huge success of last year's lecture series the subject of fashion and its interdisciplinary approach will be explored on a grand scale with international lectures.

Fashion and film : You wear it well
"You wear it well" seeks to explore shorter-format films and videos that investigate the intersection of fashion and film -- films that cast fashion (as well as style and beauty) in the leading role. In addition to soliciting films and videos from fashion designers, filmmakers and artists already exploring this creative intersection in their work, we conduct an annual Open Call for submissions from creatives around the world. A jury of fashion and film professionals selects the best of the best and from there, Diane Pernet and Dino Dinco create the traveling presentation known as "You wear it well".

The participants :
Raised by a family of fighting chickens in rural Pennsylvania, Dino Dinco has always called Los Angeles home, where he immerses himself in a juggling act of art, photography, writing, and curatorial projects. Although neither transgendered nor transexual, Dinco is also credited for coining the expression, "transfriender," meaning: a transgendered / transexual friend.

Paris based Diane Pernet is a fashion critic and video journalist. A photographer and fashion designer in the l980's, she's now a documentary filmmaker, talent scout and fashion blogger on her own site A SHADED VIEW ON FASHION. She is also the co-curator along with photographer/artist Dino Dinco of "You Wear it Well".

Mark Eley one half of the design duo ELEY KISHIMOTO a London based design company primarily focussing on fashion but also works within the wider field of design. The company was established in 1992 and over the years they have built a very significant international portfolio of clients and collaborators. You can see present and archive work at

Paris based Sergei Pescei has been working with the medium film for 20 years. He is a scriptwriter and directs short films and adverts. At the same time, together with Patricia Canino, he makes fashion videos.

Paris based Patricia Canino is a filmmaker and fashion photographer. She works in her own studio with Polaroid (8X10 inches) and movie 's lights. She received the first European Polaroid awards (2000) and has published many books about fashion. In association with Sergei Pescei, she has been making short fashion videos for a year.